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Key performance indicators like “Time to close” are used to give us a quick feedback on how good we are in solving problems. Like with statistical analysis you won’t update them regularly if you have to gather the data from several files and calculate the numbers by hand.

It is tedious and error prone to enter the data several times.

Additionally, when analysis is hard to make you tend to do it less often.

One of the most widely used tools for writing 8D reports is Excel.

Some of the arguments in favor of Excel are that it is installed on most of computers and users already know how to work with it.

When firewalls separate your customers from your 8D reports this is not possible.

They have to send you updates by email where it is often lost in inboxes and has to be manually entered into 8D reports.

To improve customer complaint management a reporting system to check recurring complaints is necessary.

With 8D reports saved in separate, individual files it is hard to see trends and improve.

Statistical analysis is almost impossible when the data is entered in free form.

When 8D reports are saved to individual files you have to enter the same data several times – once in each 8D report and again once more in a table for each statistical analysis you want to make.


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