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The professional that is central to building these systems, or algorithms, is the information systems analyst or manager.Read on for details about how these professionals help solve business problems with algorithms. If you ever use You Tube or Netflix, you have seen an algorithm at work in the Suggested Media section.Detailed information on how Wiley uses cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.

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The evolutionary flexon, which encourages “disciplined guessing” according to Moldoveanu and Leclerc, creates a number of scenarios that business owners can manipulate to come up with important answers – and then determines which guesses will survive.

According to Mc Kinsey and Company, the success of these flexons “rests on the power of generating diversity by introducing randomness and parallelization into the search procedure and quickly filtering out suboptimal solutions.” It makes problem solving not only more effective, but also more precise.

The problem may be complex or you may have a number of different potential solutions to consider.

Or, in some cases, you may have both a complex problem and a lot of possible solutions on your plate.

They are one in the same, and you can’t do one without the other.

Unfortunately, solving problems properly is an extremely difficult task in many cases.

Opponents of advanced computing might say that computers do not have the ability to think in real time, like a human might.

This is where the concept of the “evolutionary flexon” comes into play.

Business leaders are beginning to recognize the power of algorithms to change the way they make decisions and work toward success.

Executives are looking to individuals who know how to make computers think in addition to those who already focus on creative solutions.


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