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Others may not agree with the interpretation of the observation or the intuition, but a statement that is true (logical) against a particular frame of reference has been created.Others may say that it is wrong, though they must provide a new frame of reference to displace the original frame of reference. Alternatively, they may extend the initial observations with their observations, enhance the intuition with their intuition and refine the logic.

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If this is done, it may be because of a personal preference to a particular method or being constrained by a pre-defined process.

By elevating to the core philosophical principles of observation, intuition and logic and giving each enough attention and a wide enough remit, we can be freer with how problems are solved.

You know you’re under pressure if time is the one thing you would like more of. There may be a feeling of not knowing where to start, or starting but spinning on a particular facet of the problem.

Additionally, there may be a feeling of being unqualified to solve the problem.

For a start it involves thinking and thinking for problem-solving in itself can be hard.

Wrap it up in the context of a complex problem with many inputs, many moving parts and many critics the difficulty level goes up exponentially.These thoughts point directly to the problem being felt…“”Boredom, like so many of the other forms of emotions we’ll come across in this article, is difficult to define, but is commonly rooted to not being engaged or lacking stimulation.What aspect of your products and services can take someone from ‘boredom’ to feeling engaged?To minimise the impact of the enemies of problem-solving and maximise your problem-solving potential: Bringing it together Coming from the design-led community are techniques that create a process for end to end problem-solving.Some of these methods promote cycles of activity that feed into each other in quick succession with a fail fast mentality.The factors that can sabotage problem-solving are: Pressure can take many forms.It may be an external deadline, a belief that there isn’t enough time, high or unreasonable expectations and so the list goes on. There may be someone who has expressed a preference for what the solution should be, or you may believe that the solution should be of a particular type to please. Powerlessness covers a range of areas, all of which are self-imposed and all result in sub-optimal problem-solving.When a problem-solving approach fails to address all of the fundamentals or the sequencing is out of phase the process breaks down.For example: The enemies of problem-solving It is vital to understand the environment that the problem-solving is taking place in.The chances are that there is a mix of all of these factors blocking your problem-solving.It’s hard, but not impossible Thinking is hard, that’s why many prefer not to do it or are happy to re-cycle solutions without full understanding and give in to the enemies of problem-solving.


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