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The arrival of the 20th century marshaled with it an increasing reliance on science and technology to rationally structure police operations.

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The idea behind this tactic suggests that a linkage between minor disorders and serious felonies exists.Essay offers reliable custom essay writing services that can help you to receive high grades and impress your professors with the quality of each essay or research paper you hand in.The professionalization of America’s police forces that began in the early 1900s has had as an obvious consequence an increasing reliance on science and technology to address the crime problem.In response, police began to allocate resources accordingly to become more proactive in their approach.Contemporary predictive policing is a product of this natural evolution of proactive policing.These efforts seek to increase officer familiarity with specific community problems on their beats, foster order maintenance and problem management activities by officers, and enhance relationships between police and citizens.From the operational perspective, police strategists now attempt to shift away from the reactive approach to crime control that dominated during most of the 20th century.With a better understanding of neighborhood problems, utilization of special preventative techniques can reduce future opportunities for criminal activity.Police programs designed specifically to reduce gun carrying in “hot spots” of violent crime, for instance, have been effective in reducing violence in those locations.Empirical research studies conducted during the 1960s and 1970s demonstrated that the preferred police patrol and investigative tactics of the time had little impact on crime prevention or on arrest rates. Finally, tensions between police and minority communities—often the result of unfair or heavy-handed practices on the part of police—escalated to the point of rioting in several major U. Building on the results of foot patrol experiments, for example, analysts criticized the remoteness of police officers and suggested that citizens desired more intimate contacts with police.They revealed that citizens greatly valued the broadly based, order maintenance and service functions that police can provide, which police administrators had been actively discouraging.


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