Prenatal Research Papers

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Most women in the developed world are prescribed prenatal vitamins and given nutritional counseling in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

However, parts of the United States continue to have inadequate access to prenatal care for women of lower socioeconomic status, due to the availability and affordability of health care.

21049 Issued in March 2015 NBER Program(s): Children, Health Care, Health Economics Despite plausible mechanisms, little research has evaluated potential changes in health behaviors as a result of the Medicaid expansions of the 1980s and 1990s for pregnant women.

Accordingly, we provide the first national study of the effects of Medicaid on health behaviors for pregnant women. We find that increases in Medicaid eligibility were associated with increases in smoking and decreases in weight gain during pregnancy.

While ultrasounds are popularly used to find out the sex of the baby, there are compelling medical reasons, such as the ability to assess risks to the mother and check for fetal malformation, for performing this procedure.

Prenatal care also takes place outside of the doctor’s office.

At the same time, women can avoid a great number of problems which are connected with prenatal period by using qualitative minerals and vitamins in their food supply.

I consider that nature or genetics plays the dominant role in the prenatal period, however the environment is important at this time, as well. Pasco Rakic, a professor of neuroscience at Yale University, states:” The number of neurons and the way that they are organized is determined by heredity” (Jabs, p. Various environmental factors including maternal malnutrition, substance abuse (smoking, alcohol, and drugs), viral infections, and others can result in adverse impacts on the developing brain.

Prenatal care is the series of regular medical and nursing examination and treatment provided to women during pregnancy.

Prenatal care is a type of preventative care, so that, with regular check-ups, both mother and child will remain healthy.


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