Picture Of Dorian Gray Aestheticism Essay

For although beauty and youth remain of utmost importance at the end of the novel—the portrait is, after all, returned to its original form—the novel suggests that the price one must pay for them is exceedingly high. It is no surprise that a society that prizes beauty above all else is a society founded on a love of surfaces.

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As Dorian evolves into the realization of a type, the perfect blend of scholar and socialite, he experiences the freedom to abandon his morals without censure.

Indeed, even though, as Basil warns, society’s elite question his name and reputation, Dorian is never ostracized.

Both The Picture of Dorian Gray and Death in Venice wage testimonial to art and emphasis the fact that art is non something that all people can absorb.

Their aestheticism was a reaction against the philistinism of the shooting in-between category considered to be composed of anti-intellectuals, people ignorant of art who responded to it in an unprocessed mode.

The purpose of art, according to this series of epigrams, is to have no purpose.

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In order to understand this claim fully, one needs to consider the moral climate of Wilde’s time and the Victorian sensibility regarding art and morality.

In chapter one I have shown that both Aestheticism and Nietzsche promote art for art ‘s interest and believe that art justifies itself and does non necessitate to hold a intent since art is purpose in itself, the intent of making and cultivating beauty.

Nietzsche urges creative persons to give importance to two opposite sides of their personality, the Apollonian, that is, the rational and the Dionysian, that is, the passionate.

It is also a means of escaping the brutalities of the world: Dorian distances himself, not to mention his consciousness, from the horrors of his actions by devoting himself to the study of beautiful things—music, jewels, rare tapestries.

In a society that prizes beauty so highly, youth and physical attractiveness become valuable commodities.


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