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These standards can guide physical education teacher preparation programs and the physical education teacher certification process.Additional resources are needed to effectively disseminate these standards to colleges, universities, and school districts across the nation.

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Physical education should have the same class sizes as other subjects.

Quality physical education must cover a great deal of content, and physical educators cannot do their jobs effectively or have enough time to work with individual students if classes are overcrowded.

As one physical educator has said, Try teaching English with 72 kids!

Even the best physical education teachers in the world will find it difficult to keep their students active during most of a physical education class if they dont have adequate amounts of equipment and supplies.

Unfortunately, many schools do not have qualified professionals teaching physical education.

Only certified physical education teachers should be given the responsibility of teaching the skills and providing the motivation our young people need to adopt and maintain a physically active lifestyle.The following is excerted from: Promoting Better Health for Young People Through Physical Activity and Sports, A Report to the President From the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of Education."Characteristics of Quality Physical Education Appendix 10 Physical education is at the core of a comprehensive approach to promoting physical activity through schools.As one educator has written, exempting students from physical education because of their extracurricular activities is like exempting students from language arts requirements because theyre on the debate team or from science requirements because theyre in the astronomy club.Strategy 2: Help all children, from prekindergarten through grade 12, to receive quality, daily physical education.Help all schools to have certified physical education specialists; appropriate class sizes; and the facilities, equipment, and supplies needed to deliver quality, daily physical education.Qualified and appropriately trained physical education teachers are the most essential ingredient of a quality physical education program.These standards provide a framework that can be used to design, implement, and evaluate physical education curricula. students do not participate in daily physical education, and the proportion of students with daily physical education has been declining over time.To cover the necessary instructional components (Appendix 12) and to provide opportunities for adequate skill practice and health-enhancing physical activity, quality physical education should be offered every day to all students from prekindergarten through grade 12. this deprives students of the important learning experiences they can have in quality physical education.The importance of making physical education fun was illustrated by a national survey of students in grades 412, which found that enjoyment of physical education class was one of the most powerful factors associated with participation in physical activity outside of school.Quality physical education is more than just fun, however; it is also a serious academic discipline.


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