Phd Thesis Examiner S

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One is, obviously, that they know about your area of research.

This sounds simple but actually turns out to be sort of complicated, because if you’re like me then your thesis probably combines several different research areas.

(I would hope that this isn’t universally true, but like I say, I have heard it a few times now.)Reputation and renown are also important factors.

Phd Thesis Examiner S

Your examiners, particularly your external, will become key contacts for you as you enter the job market and seek publishing opportunities.The Ph D is the highest studied-for degree awarded by the University of Canterbury (UC).The UC Ph D is completed by thesis only, and the normal time-frame for the Ph D degree is three years full-time study (four-five years part-time). Over the past few weeks, my supervisor and I have been discussing whom to approach for my thesis examiners, and I’ve picked up a few surprising facts that I thought I would share with all you lovely people.The first surprising fact is that your supervisor is not even present during your viva.This kind of blew my mind actually: it means that your supervisor – the person you’ve spent the past 3-4 years trying to please – actually has NO SAY in whether or not you pass your Ph D. Which might sound a bit scary in itself, except for the fact that you get to choose your examiners. You get to CHOOSE academics who are likely to be sympathetic to your topic, approach and methods.Unlike, say, your upgrade panel back in your first year, your viva will NOT involve someone who may have been randomly assigned to you and who may totally disagree with the entire basis of your project (which did sort of happen to me…that’s another story).The Ph D examination comprises independent evaluation of the submitted thesis by two expert examiners, followed by an oral examination.The oral examination is usually conducted by vdieo-link, although a face-to-face examination can be arranged if approved by the Dean.Examiners are requested on this form to comment on the extent to which the thesis meets the criteria for the award of the Ph D (see below), to detail any required amendments, to identify questions to be addressed in the oral examination, and provide any additional comments or guidance to the candidate.So, I’ll be submitting my thesis really REALLY soon now. First the basics: You must have two examiners – one internal and one external (i.e. These two examiners read your thesis and then come to your viva, where they tell you whether you passed, give you feedback, ask for any necessary changes, and (hopefully) give you advice on future directions, where to publish etc.


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