Phantasmagoria Film Essay

Sometimes the killer's are out for revenge or they are insane.

In ' The Fly' the main character Seth undergoes a genetic change and loses his mind, this makes the viewer feel sorry for him. Like ' Psycho' and ' Jaws' they start with a scene of a killing, usually the most brutal and graphic.

Not all modern films have detectives but older films like ' Psycho' and ' The Shining' have them.

In some films there is Pathos created for the killer because of his mental state.

Many developments have been used in newer films such as special effects and 3-D animation.

A genre is formed when a type of film has certain elements that become essential to that type of film.

I cannot give out the details of the other artists involved, or the director today..this will be my dream within a dream role as an actor.' On the film's scare tactics, Manson said, "I want to take the children's story that we all know, and discover the horrifying roots that grow beneath every one of its childish metaphors.

The characters may be absurd and wrapped in puzzles, but, the author himself is the story that I find painfully close to me.

These elements are sometimes called "generic conventions".

Around these large genres sub-genres have evolved such as supernatural and sci-fi horror films like ' The Fly' and ' Mary Shelley's Frankenstein' In They are dressed in a long beige coat and a hat, they smoke a lot of cigarettes and are discreet and smooth.


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