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A liberation movement demands an expansion of our moral horizons, so that practices that were previously regarded as natural and inevitable are now seen as intolerable.Animals, Men and Morals is a manifesto for an Animal Liberation movement.

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Some argue that there is an answer that can distinguish humans from the rest of the natural world.

Many of those who accept this answer are interested in justifying certain human practices towards non-humans—practices that cause pain, discomfort, suffering and death.

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To understand Peter Singer and his work, it's helpful to examine his views on animal rights, euthanasia, and charity.

Peter Singer can, with justification, be regarded as the founding father of the contemporary animal liberation movement.

The increased public awareness of what exactly transpires in our treatment of non-humans — in factory farming, medical research, product testing, and so on — is, to a significant extent, due to the wide circulation of his work.

It is a demand that we cease to regard the exploitation of other species as natural and inevitable, and that, instead, we see it as a continuing moral outrage.

Patrick Corbett, Professor of Philosophy at Sussex University, captures the spirit of the book in his closing words: …we require now to extend the great principles of liberty, equality and fraternity over the lives of animals.

Discrimination on the basis of sex, it has been said, is the last form of discrimination that is universally accepted and practiced without pretense, even in those liberal circles which have long prided themselves on their freedom from racial discrimination.

But one should always be wary of talking of “the last remaining form of discrimination.” If we have learned anything from the liberation movements, we should have learned how difficult it is to be aware of the ways in which we discriminate until they are forcefully pointed out to us.


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