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Once you can answer those questions clearly for yourself based on Scripture, you then can apply them to everything you watch, read or listen to.

For example, last year’s Academy Award for Best Picture went to the film, .

We begin developing our worldview as young children, first through interactions within our family, then in social settings such as school and church, and from our companions and life experiences.

Increasingly, our media culture is playing a key role in shaping worldview.

In my teaching of worldview and Great Books to homeschool students ages 12 to 18, I’ve used a series of seven questions to help them formalize their own worldview and to help them evaluate competing worldviews.

These seven questions are common to many worldview resources and provide an effective tool for adults, as well as teenagers, particularly to evaluate the worldview of books, music and movies: uses a four-question approach.

Consistently consuming entertainment with false ideas will inevitably distort our view of the world.

Although the Bible never uses the word “worldview,” in Colossians 2: 6-8, we are commanded to be able to discern and discard false philosophy-which is essentially worldview.

The Bible teaches that God is sovereign, personal, infinite, transcendent, just, omniscient, immanent, and good.

These attributes are not exhaustive by any means, but do establish the basic character of God.


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