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This accident made me recognize that there was a world of difference between an artifact created in a university laboratory and a truly commercial product.

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The first software that we developed was called Hotel Management and Telephone Calling Fee-Calculation System.

In this system, I used Foxpro as the front-end database to manage all the data of the hotel and in the rear-end database I used Assembler Language to develop a built-in stationary program (TSR) that resembled DOS virus, whose purpose was to complete the data communication between the PC and hotel's programmed exchanger.

However, an event that happened three years ago changed my initial plan of undertaking my Ph. When I helped my supervisor consult relevant technical literature, I was regretted to find that American scientists had already undertaken similar research ten years before that and a large number of research papers had already been published.

What we were doing was simply repeating what our American counterparts had already done! program in any of Chinese universities, even a first-rate university. degree overseas will I be able to improve the living conditions of my family and allow my family members to live a better life. My wife is a doctor in our city's largest hospital and we have a lovely three-year-old daughter.

The fact that what appeared to be the most sophisticated research in a first-rate Chinese university was actually a mere repetition of the research work of other scientists in more advanced countries saddened me. The United States would be my choice because only in such a country was it possible for me to perform the first-rate research and become a first-rate scientist. They love me very much and I love them very much too.

They fully support me in my efforts to seek further education in America.According to the conventions of the university, top students have the right to attend whatever courses offered by other departments as auditors.Hence, for the last two years, I audited many courses that I considered to be both interesting and useful such as Automation Control Theory, Signal and Systems, and Digital Signal Processing at the Department of Automation, Operation Systems and Data Structure at the Department of Computer Science, Digital Circuits and Analog Circuits, Principles of Communication, and Computer Principles and Interface Technology at the Department of Electrical Engineering.At the end of my thesis, I attached the research findings of a computer virus monitoring software that I developed during this period. xxxx praised me as "the most outstanding student" he had ever seen.Throughout those years, we have been maintaining a close friendship.It is precisely my love for them that makes me feel responsible for enabling them to live a rich life.It is obvious that only my career success can fulfill this wish.A total of 300 freshmen were admitted into the Department of Engineering and my score at the entrance examination was the highest.For the first two years of my undergraduate study, my GPA ranked among the top three of the entire class.My Study and Research Experience In 19-- I was enrolled in the reputed xxxxxx University where I specialized in the motive power mechanical engineering.As a top xx university among a total of 1000 institutions of higher learning in China, it is sometimes referred to as "the Oriental MIT".


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