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I had forgotten how turquoise the water had looked from our ship, but what really caught my attention, though, was my image.I had buck teeth, short hair, and pimples covering my face.When I opened the door to my bedroom, everything was in its usual cluttered arrangement.

I went downstairs and found my brother playing video games, my mom on the phone, and my dad in his office – everyone in their right place.

I told my mom that something didn't feel right, and she suggested that for once I should clean my room. I went upstairs to sulk, feeling so overwhelmed that I might as well have been floundering without a boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Also, I think you helped people know because a lot of people lose their true personality in middle and high school, and with this peace, you showed them that something so small can be lifechanging.

I liked how she showed that she was a mess in the beginning but then by cleaning her room she found things that were just lost.

The desk that should have been clear so I could do my homework was always besieged with bowls of cereal and spoiled milk, old magazines, and Post-it notes I had forgotten to remember.

My floor was a vacuum in itself, eating anything entering my room.

My bikini hung lifelessly from my doorknob, dripping pool water.

My heavy covers lay crumpled and cold across my bed, molded by the twists and turns of the previous night.

I traced the green and purple pattern with my thumb, realizing that I hadn't spoken to her in years.

The next day I called her, and we talked all night, laughing about memories like dressing up as the Spice Girls for Halloween.


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