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The care delivered was patient-centred and teamwork was integral to providing this care.First will be a discussion on the importance of self awareness and how this awareness enabled a more assertive and confidant approach to be made to managing patient care.

During this placement an 88 year old patient, to be known as Mrs A, was due to be discharged from a rehab centre following recurrent falls, issues with safety at home, and self neglect, the referral had been made by a concerned General Practitioner.

Mrs A had spent the last 6 weeks receiving holistic multidisciplinary care, including; intensive physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nursing care.

Managers are defined as “a member of a specific professional group who manages resources and activities and usually has clearly defined subordinates” (Gopee & Galloway, 2009).

Another definition of management is a process by which organisational goals are met through the application of skills and the use of resources (Huber, 1996).

Huber (2006) states that theory ‘X’ managers assume that employees are lazy, that they dislike responsibility, would rather be directed, oppose change and desire safety.

Theory ‘X’ implies that employees are rational and easily motivated (either by money or threat of punishment); therefore managers need to impose structure and control and be active managers (Huber, 2000).Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory (1954) depicts self-actualisation at the highest level of the hierarchy of needs.This relates to the need to maximise potential and achieve a sense of personal fulfilment, competence, and accomplishment (Maslow, 1954).Borkowski (2010) argues that Douglas Mc Gregor made a significant impact on organisational behaviour and was an American social psychologist that proposed the ‘’ theory of management and motivation.Mc Gregor (1966) describes the ‘X-Y’ concept as the theory that underpins the practices and attitudes of managers with regard to their employees.Upon visiting Mrs A it was clearly evident that she was not herself, and seemed confused.Following discussion with my mentor I felt that Mrs A was not safe to administer her own medication.These management responsibilities are part of every nurse’s role (Sullivan and Garland, 2010) and to exhibit these professional behaviours demonstrates their value to the organisation (Huber, 1996).To understand nursing management it is crucial to understand what nursing management is and the theory behind it.Self awareness is the process of understanding one’s own beliefs, thoughts, motivations, biases and limitations and recognising how they affect the care and services provided (Whetten and Cameron, 2010).Without being self aware, recognising personal and cultural beliefs, and understanding interpersonal strengths and limitations, it is impossible to establish and maintain good relationship with co-workers and patients.


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