Perfectionist Procrastinator Essay

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Perfectionism sure has helped me both excel and go crazy throughout my college career, and now that I’ve got only one semester left to my senior year, I can see how it has both helped and hindered me.

These are the pros and cons I’ve discovered to being a perfectionist throughout the years: Pro – You generally do exceedingly well on assignments and papers because you won’t hand in anything short of your absolute best.

Con – You’re constantly annoying people around you by correcting and editing everything they do without being asked to do so.

Pro – People admire how hard you’re willing to work.

“Nobody’s perfect” is one of the first things to get drilled into our heads as kids.

Research Paper Reflection - Perfectionist Procrastinator Essay

And yet, we all know at least one ultra-perfectionist (even if it’s ourselves).Pro – You can seek out and correct the tiniest imperfection in any area whether it be painting lipstick or painting a portrait. Con – You have no control over your ability to walk away from a task; you end when it’s perfect. Pro – You are willing to try something over and over again until you can do it right.Therefore, you know the incomparably amazing feeling of watching something that seemed impossible become possible.Con – You are constantly busting your butt to live up to that impossible standard and feel mortified when somebody realizes that you are, in fact, imperfect like everyone else.Pro – You have motivation, determination, persistence, and drive – qualities that most people find redeeming and can make you a great candidate for landing a job.A perfectionist is defined as a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection. I think it was somewhere midway through high school that perfectionism started to infiltrate my brain, but even then, it was only in certain areas.Some might also add that they are delusional, generally nuts, and stress out everyone else around them. However, when I hit college, full-blown perfectionism took over, and just about anyone who knows me now will describe me as a perfectionist. I mean, there are a lot worse things somebody can be.: when striving to make your work perfect gets you so constricted with anxiety that it becomes all-or-nothing procrastination and you end up not making anything. It’s out of anxiety we have towards ourselves and our own abilities.on perfectionism and procrastination in college students and reported, “Research has suggested that anxiety over making mistakes may ultimately be holding some perfectionists back from ever achieving success in the first place.” .


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