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Cesar was aware that while some farm workers appeared to warm up to the idea of a credit union others had misgivings.Cesar would tell workers that their money deposited in banks was being used by the growers to pay them the cheap wages they received.

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From the beginning, Cesar believed in service to others and credit unions fit that ideal of farm workers serving and helping each other. During those early union organizing days, Cesar presented his vision for a credit union to farm workers in one house meeting after another.

It would be a far better way to improve the current situation they were in— dependent on growers or those in power for their help that only served to sink them deeper into financial misery and ruin or enduring times of extreme hardship because they were deemed a credit risk to financial institutions who rejected them when they applied for help to pay for vital necessities or unexpected expenses such as health care emergencies.

Mc Coy Federal Credit Union has been serving the residents and workers of South Orange County since 1954.

Its mission is to provide the fullest range of personal financial services to our community and our members.

Mc Coy Federal Credit Union provides a safe place for its members to save and a convenient place for members to borrow money for their short and long-term needs.

Mc Coy Federal is a not for profit financial institution.

” She was tired, long hours, eight kids, Cesar to do things for, and hardly anyone to help her what with the workers coming in and out of the office all the time. As I soon learned, a lot of people may have given themselves all the credit or taken it without asking, but it was Helen who did most if not all the work.

If I learned anything from her in all the years I worked with her it was this—learn to do four or five thins at once and take good care of other people’s money because their life depends on it!

Cesar’s idea, too, of a credit union of their own would enable farm workers to finally be in a position to help each other financially.

A credit union for farm workers—a group of people with a common bond helping one another—was an entirely new concept to most workers.


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