Pens To Write On Black Paper

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These pens have been stored properly but it looks like the ink has dried out pretty quickly.Still, they’re a pretty decent purchase at around for a set of 10 pens.

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Whether it's permanent marker, gel pen or ballpoint, find the perfect way to make your mark.

Our range includes the best quality pens from your favourite brands – choose from Sharpie, Copic, Winsor & Newton, Uniball and more.

Hope this was helpful in making some purchasing decisions.

A stationery staple for every papercraft project, high quality pens are a must!

I’ve had these pens for a while and the ink still comes out with very vibrant colors. I’ve seen it for sale anywhere from $5-8, which means each pen is less than $1 a piece.

The Kuretake Fude Metallic Brush Pens are a true brush pen intended for brush calligraphy.This set comes as a 10-pack with a very flexible felt brush tip.I would say this pen is the most difficult for beginners to use since the tips are not very stiff.The colors from these pens are vibrant and show up well on dark colored paper.To achieve the difference in thin upstrokes and thicker downstrokes, you have to angle the pen so more of the side of the pen tip touches the paper.To get the fine point, the pen is almost perpendicular to the page.Because the tips are so stiff, changes in pressure (pushing down on the pen more), doesn’t result in a drastic difference in thickness of pen stroke.“Fude” means “writing brush” in Japanese so any pen with the “fude” label will always have a tapered, flexible tip.These are by far my favorite set of brush pens of the bunch being shown.These are the metallic pens I currently have in my stash.Obviously, as a calligra-hoarder, I will probably add more to my collection at some point.


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