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" Pretty solid if you ask me, your lecturer couldn’t have come up with something better than that.

" Pretty solid if you ask me, your lecturer couldn’t have come up with something better than that.I said the essay needed to cover Charles Dickens' .I could look it up, but that would require putting in effort and at this point I'm fully in character as a student who is totally fucking done with university, so it's a no from me. As I’ve said previously, I’m merely a humble BA student at a polytechnic university, I have no right to criticise what could be an esteemed piece of literary criticism. “I was expecting a first if you paid for it, how much did it cost you exactly? Mary had guaranteed me that "The paper will be in best quality", so was this piece of trash really worth at least a 2:1? I had one final question – would he have guessed that I had bought the essay had I officially submitted it as my own work? No one would buy an essay worse than what they could’ve written themselves.

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Yet, before I shelled out any of my hard earned student debt, I needed more information.I also stated that it must be undergraduate level and quote at least ten sources.I gave them a deadline of ten days and paid extra for the 24/7 writer support, costing me a grand total of £64.63.I have never looked back on a night out and thought to myself, "Wow, that was a fun social interaction". Additionally, most of their writers are educated to a Masters or Ph D level of education.I told them I had a deadline for a 1000-word draft deadline in 12 days time and couldn't be bothered to write it.To some (the media), I'm just another lazy, work-shy student.To others (my parents), I'm also a lazy, work-shy student, the only difference being my parents secretly miss me. My friends at home who didn’t go to university, who don't know what it's like to live in a house where absolutely anything passes as an ashtray, all have well paid apprenticeships and don’t have early onset Tuberculosis from living in a student property. That's why I’ve paid an online essay writing service to write an essay for me. Essay mills allow you to pay someone else to do your work – you tell them what you need and they’ll write it for you.This is true, they had told me that the quality would depend on what the marker thought, but Mary had guaranteed me – she used the word guarantee explicitly – that the essay would be in good quality. So, you have decided to pay someone for writing your essays.For starters, the standard of English was sub-par and grammatically all over the place – I’ve sent drunk texts more coherent than what they gave me. At one point they call character Mr Brocklehurst ‘Mr Blocklehurst’. “You could go to town on it really”, he said, adding that it paid little analytical attention to the texts, used no literary theory, had a generalist and often conversationalist tone, and used poor references (that were also referenced wrong).The opening sentence reads: “The Victorian era refers to the period when Queen Victoria ruled the British monarchy”. In the bibliography they cite a website called, which upon inspection seems to be website where you can sell your essays, and a website called, which I assume is a website run by a man called Phil. “If a student gave me this I’d ask them 'what on Earth have you learnt? But what mark would it achieve if I were to submit it as my own work?


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