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Additionally, all prospective parents need to pass a psychological evaluation to eliminate anyone who is volatile, immature, and dangerous.Two present tests that are already available are the Child Abuse Potential Inventory with its 160 questions, and the Kempe Family Stress Check List, with its strong predictive success—80% of abusive families record high scores on this survey.

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For example: Are 7-Up and Twinkies a nutritious lunch?

Should babies be beaten with a spatula to prevent bed-wetting? The exam should be rigorous, lengthy, and require concentrated study beforehand on topics such as Nutrition, Safety, Behavioral Development, Hygiene, Empathy, and Non-Violent Discipline.

I agree with the HS diploma requirement, but let’s add two more years of hopefully-acquired rationality—let’s round up to 20 years old.

Studies indicate that the youngest mothers are often monstrously inferior; they are less likely to be married or employed, but far more likely to beat and/or neglect their kids.

Philosophers, psychologists, and social workers have advanced this idea for 30 years, notably Hugh La Follette in his seminal essay, “Licensing Parents” (1980), and Peg Tittle, editor of (2004). But what’s the result of this laissez-faire attitude? Millions of children born disadvantaged, crippled in childhood, destroyed in adolescence.

Call me vile names like “Neo-Nazi-Elitist-Baby-Killing-Totalitarian-Sicko.” Or simply “Eugenicist.” I don’t care. It’s blatantly clear that 15-year-old intoxicated half-wits can easily spawn, but should they? No one should be permitted to reproduce unless and until they pass a battery of tests. I agree with Joseph Fletcher, who notes, “It is depressing…to realize that most people are accidents,” and with George Schedler, who states, “Society has a duty to ensure that infants are born free of avoidable defects.” Traditionalists regard pregnancy and parenting as a natural right that should never be curtailed.

If teenagers are seriously itching to get gestating and they don’t know what to do with their time, they can at least study assiduously for the examinations below.

Parent licensing advocates believe that anyone who wants to raise a child needs to learn the basic principles of healthy guardianship.

Abused children are frequently emotionally scarred for life: 30% will abuse their own children; 80% of criminals were abused by parents; 80% of those who were abused have at least one psychological disorder; and they’re 2.5 times more likely to abuse alcohol, 3.8 times more likely to be drug addicts, and 3.0 times less likely to practice safe sex.

Abused kids are susceptible to poor physical health, chronic fatigue, obesity, hypertension, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicide, post-traumatic stress syndrome, social difficulties, cognitive dysfunction, aggression, high risk behavior, and criminality.


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