Paradise Lost Eve Essay

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He knew that the favor mankind was experiencing was supposed to be upon him.

But, since he had rebelled against God, his destiny was destruction.

The concept of free will refers to the ability of individuals to make choices without the influence of external forces.

The forces that impede someone from making free decisions can be physical, spiritual, mental, social, and metaphysical in nature.

This was primarily the reason for making man after the fall of Satan.

Man was given the free will to choose what he wants.When the devil came to tempt Adam and Eve, God knew that they would fall to the temptations because they had the free will to make their decisions.He knew that they were eager to gain knowledge and to have an experience beyond what they are.God, being omnipotent and all knowing, foretells the fall of man.When Satan got his way into the Garden of Eden, he became extremely jealous of them.These meetings were aimed at planning a revenge mission after losing the war in heaven.In the meetings, it was decided that the mission shall aim at attacking God’s prophesied new creation, mankind.In the poem, Milton talks about the story of Adam and Eve and how they lost their place in paradise.He expands the story of creation by including more details and events that led to the creation and fall of man.This is what Milton means by Adam and Eve having free will.The angels in heaven are also part of God’s creation.


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