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I know of a man in our community that build his house from themoney he generated from palm oil business.If that is what youwant, I assure you are at the right junction!Transportation You must have a durable transportation system to be able to moveyour products from your location to where it will be needed.

This includes; honesty, trustworthiness,customers friendly and lots of others. To be frank, it's really not so good as a peasant Palm oil seller.

However, once you package yourself up well enough with an office, business cards, website, transportation means, storage and get a good distribution chain, mehn! Anyway, you can join me and Lati in setting up your own profitable subscription-based website which cheaper and stress-free.

Though it iscapital intensive in terms of labour, machines and raw materials.

But you would overlook the cost if you are really interested in thebusiness.3[b].

Targeted Market Your sector determines your target market.

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So, at this level, youmust work towards a successful and practicable market researchso as to weigh your market forces.

Apparently, Palm oil could be seen as viscid reddish liquidobtained from oil palm kernel appearing to be one of thrivingbusiness in Nigeria. Palm oil can be used incooking as well as production of some materials by industries.

Also recognized for its medicinal and curative importance.

Because most of your business transaction wouldrevolve round it.8. If adequate storage facility is not put inplace, it will possibly affect the quality of the products which willalso affect the price. They are every day businesses you never think that they will make you a millionaire.

Resourcefully, you should encode your palm oil business withsome high rate of virtue. a list of over 50 businesses you can start immediately in Nigeria and their cost estimates. This is indeed a good business especially when you are doing it in large scale and exporting.


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