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“Once More to the Lake” is an essay that is derived mostly from White’s personal experience while “The Ring of Time” is an essay that mostly examines a teenage girl performing at the circus, in the eyes of White.Both these essays give the reader insight of how the author uses the theme of time to show different aspects to the storyline....[tags: Emotion, Writing, Katharine Hepburn, Memory] - As individuals progress through life, everything is measured by time in some manner. White wrote this essay, “Once More to the Lake”, in 1941.

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White directs his essay at an anonymous audience.... The father looks back at those years and tries to relive the moments through his son's eyes. White's way of letting the reader know that the father is in a way depressed, is through great detail and description.... He later realizes that he is not able to return to his childhood and that he’s getting older and he is not capable of remember all the memories brought from the lake....

He knows he can't, and has difficulty dealing with the fact that he can't go back in time. [tags: Family, Olfaction, Son, As Time Goes By] - In E. White’s essays, “Once More to the Lake “and ‘The Ring of Time”, he demonstrates two different interpretations of time and how time is used to symbolize meaning in each piece.

White wrote his classic essay, "Once More to the Lake." In that spirit, we'll go to the lake once more, as well, and find other lake-inspired literature.

Footsteps shuffling through sand, animated youthful voices (how many? A sudden guffaw; some giggles; a woman's—no, a young girl's—sarcastic reply; someone's assertion; a high-pitched male cackle.

- Discovering Mortality in Once More to the Lake E. White's story "Once More to the Lake" is about a man who revisits a lake from his childhood to discover that his life has lost placidity.

The man remembers his childhood as he remembers the lake; peaceful and still. That was the beginning, in some ways, in Britain of the Industrial Revolution, and they were watching the end of certain kinds of pastoral, agricultural landscapes. But I think even for White, that was already a nostalgic moment, an idea that there was a passing of a simpler moment, and that the 20th century was a complicated place to live."On Britain's famous Lake Poets"These were what were known as the British Romantics, poets that were living at the end of the 18th century, and the beginning of the 19th century, which was also a complicated moment to be alive. On the one hand, they wanted to be part of the political transformation that came with that, they were ardent supporters of the American Revolution and the French Revolution, and really wanted a different vision of England... It was a moment of huge economic transformation in Britain.Spending time at the lake as an adult has made the man realize that his life has become unsettling and restless, like the tides of the ocean. White longs to bring his audience back to one of the most memorable places in his childhood, a camp on a lake in Maine, starting in about 1904. White tries to form a relationship between his past and present experiences. White is full of excitement as the lake symbolizes his childhood and the best memories in his life.Having brought his son to this place of the past with him, the man makes inevitable comparisons between his own son and his childhood self, and between himself as an adult and the way he remembers his father from his childhood perspective. [tags: Once More to the Lake] - Once More to the Lake For many people there is a sweet scent, an inviting image, the familiar sound of laughter that bring them back to a place full of childhood images. He shows the reader how he feels he has replaced his own father and is playing the same role he played nearly forty years earlier. White's Once More to the Lake "Once More to the Lake", by E. White was an essay in which a father struggles to find himself. They go to a lake where the father had been in his childhood years. White Once More Lake Essays] - “Once more to the Lake” is a short essay written by E. It begins with a father and son who travel to a place White’s family visited every August, a great lake for camping and fishing. Going fishing again on this lake, he wants to return his childhood or to return his childhood memories.The tone of White’s voice in the narration portrayed a feeling of nostalgia.When an essayist uses the kind of approach to sharing information about an important aspect of his or her life, the intent is usually to provide the audience with specific and factual data that make them an authority on the subject. A dog barking; then more barking from another part of the lake. It was published in the fall of 1941 right before Pearl Harbor and America's entry into the second world war, so it's really in some ways a rumination about trying to get outside of an oncoming political storm by thinking about what it means to retreat to a lake and be outside of that for a moment."On the theme of continuity in White's writing about lakes"There is a lot of productive confusion in that essay about looking at his son and feeling as though he's inhabiting his son's body, or that his son is inhabiting his body. White had, you know, that you have the red-and-white checkered tablecloth, and the roast chicken, and you go buy the blueberries at the farmstand, and you go for the swim in the lake and the kids lay on the dock for the afternoon. For me, one of the things I also like about it is, as a personal essay, I always say to students that I think in some ways to understand that essay, you need to remember the moment at which it was published.


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