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This initial 30 second advertisement quickly became an overnight sensation through word of mouth on social media buzzing about it and with many celebrities offering their approval.Following this Weiden Kennedy, boldly proclaimed that they would make a personalised video featuring Isaiah Mustafa in a short uncut impromptu scene to everyone that posted a response video to social media.You're aware by now that fabio is the summer stand-in for isaiah mustafa, and that old spice's ad agency, wieden & kennedy, is producing content for youtube and twitter that plays off the work it.

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In 2010, Old Spice released an innovative marketing campaign with the first instalment titled Man Your Man Could Smell featuring Isaiah Mustafa during Super bowl weekend both online and on television.

The campaign was categorised as innovative due to the fact that despite it being a it was targeted towards women who purchased male hygiene products for the male members of their household.

Following is the swot analysis of old spice to determine the company’s strategic standpoint and the potential risk in the future related to the products strengths • a very renowned and successful brand in the global market • advertising campaign must be unified all over the world.

Old spice advertising campaign analysis background product and target audience analysis advertising strategy analysis introduction the purpose of this analysis is to investigate a current health or beauty products advertising campaign.

Weaknesses would obviously include their current marketing strategy and their overall market share in 2010.

Through this campaign they wanted to address their weaknesses through taking advantage of the several opportunities around them, with the Super bowl advertisements being viewed more than 150 million unique viewers this would be an ideal time for Old Spice to unveil their new ad campaign targeted towards a younger demographic to a vast audience.

Within a month of launching the campaign, Old Spice had received more than 40 million views on the video sharing platform You Tube and close to a ten percent increase in body wash sales.

Prior to 2010, the general consensus was that Old Spice was a company that sold deodorant and body wash to or a predominately older male population however through analysing market trends they decided to target a different market segment choosing to focus on demographic variables, male and aged 18 to 35 years old.

As aforementioned Old Spice was previously targeted towards an older audience however through an analysis of the market they decided to switch to a younger demographic falling into the age range of 18 to 35.

Now interestingly while it is a male hygiene product primarily including deodorants, shampoo and body washes Old marketing campaign utilised a male sex symbol, Isaiah Mustafa an player who all beauty standards is attractive, as the focal and only actor in the initial advertisement and subsequent ones to follow.


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