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spokesman John Collingwood said that a check of the bureau’s records showed that “the shorter-barreled rifle was among the weapons tested.” Danforth’s response was pretty much, Well, if you say so. In 1996 he was the relentless Javert who came down so hard on an Atlanta security guard, Richard Jewell, over the Olympic Games bombing. Even as he sent out for a new hair shirt (Opus Dei members mortify the flesh) and gave the order to build a new guillotine, the F. The structure of the reports seems designed to confuse the reader rather than help him.” Dr. It is hard to recall an administration in which it was not the center of grave scandal.”Freeh himself seems addicted to dull sharp practices. lab was found to have routinely bungled investigations (read by J. Professor Brian Caddy, after a study of the lab’s findings: “If these reports are the ones to be presented to the courts as evidence then I am appalled by their structure and information content.

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Later, Freeh led the battle to prove Wen Ho Lee a Communist spy. had “embarrassed the whole nation.” Well, it’s always risky, God’s work.

“I think you’d be surprised at how much of that material I agree with. (I’m sure the Japanese were just as shocked and surprised at Hiroshima—in fact, was that anticipated effect not part and parcel of the overall strategy of that bombing?

More to the point, he and the prosecution agreed that he had no serious accomplices. Since Mc Veigh had been revealed as evil itself, no one was interested in why he had done what he had done. Suddenly I heard him say, “We’re having trouble with the audio.” Then he pulled the plug that linked ABC and me. Characteristically, no talking head mentioned Henley’s name, because no one knew who he was. One irritable woman described Henley as “a 19th-century cripple.” I fiercely E-mailed her network: the one-legged Henley was “extremities challenged.”The stoic serenity of Mc Veigh’s last days certainly qualified him as a Henley-style hero.

Iago is now back in town, with a bomb, not a handkerchief. Our interview would be something like four minutes. This means that only every other question starts with “Now, tell us, briefly . Briefly, it all began in the November 1998 issue of I had written a piece about “the shredding of our Bill of Rights.” I cited examples of I. (For those who would like further evidence of a government running amok, turn to page 397 of my ) Then, as a coda, I discussed the illegal but unpunished murders at Ruby Ridge, Idaho (a mother and child and dog had been killed in cold blood by the F. Meanwhile, the card players of 1998 were busy shuffling and dealing. He just cut you off.” So, in addition to the governmental shredding of Amendments 4, 5, 6, 8, and 14, Mr. Mc Veigh made no final statement, but he had copied out, it appeared from memory, “Invictus,” a poem by W. I doubt if Mc Veigh ever came across it, but he would, no doubt, have identified with a group of young writers, among them Kipling, who were known as “Henley’s young men,” forever standing on burning decks, each a master of his fate, captain of his soul.

While he is not a member of Opus Dei, his wife Maureen has attended Opus Dei’s spiritual functions . Last month, Thomas gave a fiery speech at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think-tank, to an audience full of Bush Administration officials. On June 1, Danforth told “I bet that Timothy Mc Veigh, at some point in time, I don’t know when, will be executed and after the execution there will be some box found, somewhere.” You are not, Senator, just beating your gums. CNN duly reported that I had not been able to be a witness, as Mc Veigh had requested: the attorney general had given me too short a time to get from here to there.

[while their son], Father Paul Scalia, helped convert Clarence Thomas to Catholicism four years ago. Senator Danforth is an honorable man, but then, so was Chief Justice Earl Warren, and the findings of his eponymous commission on the events at Dallas did not, it is said, ever entirely convince even him. story in which lawyers for the Branch Davidians claim that when the F. We’ve just watched Son of Show Time in Terre Haute, Indiana. CNN gave us bits and pieces of Mc Veigh’s last morning. Incidentally, the inexorable beatification of Harry Truman is now an important aspect of our evolving imperial system. But hewas stuck where he was and he declared war on a government that he felt had declared war on its own people. Mc Veigh had also noted that Harry Truman had never said that he was sorry about dropping two atomic bombs on an already defeated Japan, killing around 200,000 people, mostly collateral women and children. But Mc Veigh considered himself, rightly or wrongly, at war, too.The Branch Davidians, as the cultists called themselves, were a peaceful group of men, women, and children living and praying together in anticipation of the end of the world, which started to come their way on February 28, 1993. The first letter to me was appreciative of what I had written. To show what an eager commercialite I am—hardly school of Capote—I kept no copies of my letters to him until the last one in May. As to your letter, I fully recognize that “the general rebellion against what our gov’t has become is the most interesting (and I think important) story in our history this century.” This is why I have been mostly disappointed at previous stories attributing the OKC bombing to a simple act of “revenge” for Waco—and why I was most pleased to read your Nov. In the 4 years since the bombing, your work is the first to really explore the underlying motivations for such a strike against the U. Although I have many observations that I’d like to throw at you, I must keep this letter to a practical length—so I will mention just one: if federal agents are like “so many Jacobins at war” with the citizens of this country, and if federal agencies “daily wage war” against those citizens, then should not the OKC bombing be considered a “counter-attack” rather than a self-declared war?The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, exercising its mandate to “regulate” firearms, refused all invitations from cult leader David Koresh to inspect his licensed firearms. The second letter from his Colorado prison is dated “28 Feb 99.” “Mr. I received your book United States last week and have since finished most of Part 2—your political musings.” I should say that spelling and grammar are perfect throughout, while the handwriting is oddly even and slants to the left, as if one were looking at it in a mirror. Would it not be more akin to Hiroshima than Pearl Harbor? One poetic moment in what was largely an orchestrated hymn of hatred. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City because it contained the hated [Feds]? Finally, as he was about to be sentenced, the court asked him if he would like to speak. He rose and said, “I wish to use the words of Justice Brandeis dissenting in Those present were deeply confused by Mc Veigh’s quotation. I suspect that he did it in the same spirit that Iago answered Othello when asked why he had done what he had done: “Demand me nothing, what you know you know, from this time forth I never will speak word.” Now we know, too: or as my grandfather used to say back in Oklahoma, “Every pancake has two sides.”When Mc Veigh, on appeal in a Colorado prison, read what I had written he wrote me a letter and . But he was stuck where he was and so he declared war on a government that he felt had declared war on its own people. agents fired upon the cultists they used a type of short assault rifle that was later not tested. It is impossible to determine from them the chain of custody, on precisely what work has been done on each item.” Plainly, the time has come to replace this vast inept and largely unaccountable secret police with a more modest and more efficient bureau to be called “the United States Bureau of Investigation.”It is now June 11, a hot, hazy morning here in Ravello. He did note, again, that he had got “something less than total cooperation” from the F. John Lloyd noted, “The reports are purely conclusory in nature. I wrote in these pages: For Timothy Mc Veigh, [Waco and Ruby Ridge] became the symbol of [federal] oppression and murder. Meanwhile, conflicting details about him accumulate—a bewildering mosaic, in fact—and he seems more and more to have stumbled into the wrong American era. But then “why” is a question the Media are trained to shy away from. One might actually learn why something had happened and become thoughtful. He did not complain about his fate; took responsibility for what he was thought to have done; did not beg for mercy as our always sadistic Media require.


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