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John Steinbeck's novel, Of Mice and Men, is a tragic and endearing story of the unconditional friendship between two virtually opposite men. One result of his style is that almost every sentence is important in one way or another, either in developing a character, moving the plot forward, or hinting at action to come. The setting is the final contributing factor to the meaningfulness of Of Mice and Men. In conclusion, in the novel Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck tells a beautifully sad tale of two friends just trying to accomplish an unattainable dream. In many ways, from the outspoken to the subtle (such as Steinbeck's decision to set the novel near Soledad, California, a town name that means "solitude" in Spanish), the presence of loneliness defines the actions of the diverse characters in the book.

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The style and characters Steinbeck creates in the story face problems that conclude with real life consequences. This excerpt from and the climax of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men is one which demonstrates the complexity and power of a moral and social force over an ordinary man. By analyzing Steinbeck's writing style and influences on it, forces and themes present in his writing, and the portrayal of characters in his stories, one can understand how and in what ways John Steinbeck represents his characters as common people who are driven by forces which they cannot comprehend. Steinbeck was positively fond of people, more than any other writers were and especially fond of men who w...

His books, especially The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men are reflections of what really went on in the 1930's, politically, economically, as well as socially. Of Mice and Men concerns itself with the story of Lennie Small and George Milton, two poor workers in the Salinas River Valley. In Of Mice and Men, the economical climate seems less harsh, although that is simply relative to the plight of the Joads. Racism against blacks is especially evident in Of Mice and Men, in which Crooks, a black disfigured man, is forced to live in a different place than all the other whit...

Of the other characters, Crooks and Curley's wife also show signs of desperate loneliness, though they respond quite differently. Because Crooks is black, he is shunned by the other men; as we see at the beginning of Chapter Four, he spends his time in his room, alone and bitter.

Curley's wife also spends her days hounded by her mean-spirited husband; her attempts to reach out to the other men backfire and win her the (not undeserved) reputation of a flirt.

They speak of their dream in terms of planting and gardening - they are eager to perform the tasks necessary to live off the land.

Of Mice And Men Symbol Essay

Their talk about raising cows and drinking their milk, about planting and tending a vegetable garden, contrasts starkly with their actual diet - cans of beans with (if they're lucky) ketchup.Itinerant workers only fulfill one step in the long chain of tasks leading from planting to harvest - they seed the earth, or they haul in the crop, and then they move on, never establishing a connection with the cycles of the natural world.George and Lennie's dream of "a few acres" addresses this alienation.The one man who could serve as a nonjudgmental companion cannot coexist safely with others., and of Lennie and George's dream of securing a farm, is the alienation of the working man from the land.Both characters, despite their hard and bitter shells, reveal a desire to overcome their loneliness and win friends.Their efforts hinge on Lennie, whose feeble-mindedness renders him unaware of the social stigmas attached to the two.The concept of alienation from nature owes much to the writings of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and other communist thinkers.They argued that the rise of industrial economy corresponds to a loss of contact with the natural processes of life.The novel develops during the Great Depression and narrates the story of two laborers in California's fields, extremely different but united for a unique reason - the American Dream.Steinbeck uses a unique style of writing by employing techniques such as symbolism, characterization, and imagery. Steinbeck is known for employing a unique technique called symbolism.


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