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Read: "The Entire Netflix History Of Us" by Tonya Malinowski Writer and comedian Marina Shifrin tells the story of confessing her love to her childhood crush after years of fantasizing about their made-for-film future together — and the ending is even happier than if he’d loved her right back.

Read: character you were, or what kind of girlfriend you’d make, or what eyeshadow tint will ensure lifelong success in love. " one woman dives headfirst into the world of online quizzes, seeking the answers to her lifelong sexual identity questions. Maybe This Fun Quiz Will Tell Me" by Katie Heaney A column that the Netflix-and-chill generation can totally relate to, writer Tonya Malinowski takes readers through the Netflix history (and Netflix-inspired memories) of her recently-ended relationship.

Then, after another pass through her queue, she discovers her ex has committed the cardinal sin of still using her Netflix login.

Thanks, as well, to contest readers Katherine Hu, Danya Issawi and Alexandra Petri.

The editors of Modern Love are interested in receiving deeply personal essays about contemporary relationships, marriage, dating, parenthood — any subject that might reasonably fit under the heading “Modern Love.” Ideally, essays should spring from some central dilemma the writer has faced.

Read: "The Wedding Toast I’ll Never Give" by Ada Calhoun column, fit for a John Green novel, an adventure-obsessed teen takes a deadly fall into a California canyon, only to fall even further (into love) during her recovery.

The best part is, the fellow who stayed by her side was none other than her prom date.And there’s a Google doc of tips from the editor that someone culled from the Modern Love Facebook page (some details are out of date — we no longer respond within four weeks — but nearly all of the advice is still generally applicable).A book of many of the most popular columns, “Modern Love: True Stories of Love, Loss and Redemption,” which includes the essays featured in the upcoming Amazon streaming series, is available for pre-order (publication date: 9/3/19).Submissions made during those months will be deleted. Luckily, when it comes to Valentine's Day entertainment the old written word has plenty of great options, especially in the treasure trove that is the "Modern Love" column.Read: "How ‘Lolita’ Freed Me From My Own Humbert" by Bindu Bansinath essay looks at street harassment and body image, navigates the self-loathing that comes from the instinct to smile at catcalls even when you know better, and explores what it’s like when your body suddenly feels more like public property than your own.Read: "My Body Doesn’t Belong To You" by Heather Burtman One-half of a couple with a real life relationship agreement, Mandy Len Catron shares with readers the secrets of her successful relationship with her partner Mark, and how their own relationship agreement covers everything from sex and intimacy to who cleans the bathroom.The best way to see the range of styles and subjects we’d like to publish is to read the column and listen to the podcast.You can also follow Modern Love on Facebook and the column editor, Daniel Jones, and projects assistant, Miya Lee, on Twitter.Here are the 15 essay tells a story of what happens when someone falls for your perfectly-curated Instagram profile — and what happens when you’re too afraid (and have kept the façade of your online personal up for too long) to let them in on who you really are, filter-free.Read: "My So-Called (Instagram) Life" by Clara Dollar From a painstakingly photographed selfie to a heartbreaking breakup, writer Sage Cruser describes what it’s like to love and lose in the age of social media — from having to take down (and therefore, click through) all those photographs of the two of you together, to finding your exes online dating profile just days after your relationship ended.


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