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The energy content is usually 4 calories in one gram of carbohydrate or protein and 9 calories in a gram of fat.As the main sources of fats, carbohydrates, energy, and proteins are usually interchangeable in part or proportion to their content of energy.Finally the doctor orders the laboratory tests to measure the exact content of tissues and blood.

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If the essential or necessary nutrients are not supplied in the quantities that are required, deficiencies disorders of nutrition can be the outcome.

To determine as to whether the person is getting the right amount of nutrients a doctor usually examines and asks about the diet and the eating habits, performs a physical assessment to examine the composition (the amount of muscle and fat), and the body functioning.

The macro nutrients including fats, carbohydrates, proteins and some minerals are usually required daily in large quantities.

They usually make up the bulk of supply and diet, the energy and building blocks required for the growth, activity and maintenance.

The intake of energy varies a lot from around 1000 to 4000 calories every day depending on the sex, age and physical activity.

Ideally the young children, sedentary women, and older adults need around 1600 calories every day.These macro minerals are considered to be macro nutrients because they are required in large amount of quantities which can be around 1 to 2 grams a day.water which is also a macro nutrient is usually required in the quantities of around 1 millilitre for each calorie of energy or in the range of 2500 milliliters a day.the essential trace minerals usually include the zinc, iron, copper, manganese, molybdenum, iodide, selenium, and fluoride.All of the minerals usually activate the enzymes needed in the metabolism except for the fluoride.NUTRITION ESSAY Nutrition is basically the process absorbing, consuming and using nutrients needed for the growth of the body, maintenance and development of the life.Nutrients are basically chemical substances in foods that strive to nourish the body. Those nutrients that cannot be synthesized in the body are known as the essential nutrients that are a must to be consumed in the diet.They usually include linolenic acid, linoleic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, arachdidonic acid and docosahexaenpoic acid.The linolenic and the linoleic acid are usually found in the vegetable oils, docosahexaeoic and eicosapentaenoic acid are necessary for the development of the brain and are usually found in the fish oils.Vitamins and trace minerals are usually known as the micro nutrients.The vitamins are usually classified as water soluble, and this includes eight members of the vitamin B complex and the vitamin C, or fat soluble which includes the vitamins D, A, E and K.


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