Non Violence Essay

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If asked for an example of nonviolent action, one is likely to mention Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, Jr., and maybe Rosa Parks.

Strong and courageous people whose effective movements resulted, respectively, in Indian independence from decades of British rule, and the initial steps toward freeing African-Americans from decades of discrimination.

Dickerson joined a group of other young men in attacking a group of CORE (Congress on Racial Equality) protestors who were attempting to integrate lunch counters in a nearby town on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Returning home after the beating, he found himself haunted by the nonviolent response of those whom he had beaten.

At its outset, Hindu reformers walked with Untouchables down the road and stood in front of the temple. The Maharajah ordered the police to prevent reformers and Untouchables from entering the road.

They shifted their tactics to standing prayerfully in front of police, seeking entry, but not attempting to disobey the directive.Such well-known cases notwithstanding, most of us tend to think of nonviolence as ineffectual, the weapon of the weak.We stand with Mao in presuming that "power grows out of the barrel of a gun." The source of the problem lies partly in the way the words are structured -- defining the concepts in terms of what they are not.The focus of religious nonviolence is not necessarily directed at the broader society.The main concern is often with one's own spiritual wellbeing.Pacifism is a philosophy which, in its absolutist form, proposes that "all forms of violence, war, and/or killing are unconditionally wrong.The proposed ideal is that social intercourse should be completely nonviolent and peaceful..."[1] In conditional pacifism, nonviolence is still the ideal, but violence may be justified under certain, typically extreme, circumstances.The opponent, caught off guard by one's refusal to initiate violence or even to reciprocate violence, may come to question his/her own behavior or stance.Gregg calls this "moral jiu jitsu." While it may seem fanciful to think that one's commitment to nonviolence can have this impact, many case studies have shown that this is sometimes the case, particularly when the commitment is constant over time.Some extend this mandate beyond human life to all animal life forms.This results in a range of behavior from vegetarianism to soft-spokenness, from withdrawal from society to active involvement against war and the death penalty.


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