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Chinese New Year Download and print a Chinese Zodiac calendar and Chinese New Year puzzles and games.Theme: New Year traditions and New Year resolutions.

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Martin Luther King Day Worksheets Printable worksheets to celebrate MLK day.

Winter Worksheets Printable worksheets for celebrating Christmas in the classroom.

We’ve also got articles with helpful hints for PCR, immunohistochemistry and RNA isolation.

While these troubleshooting guides are fairly specific, the underlying principles of each can be applied to most situations.

Instead why not learn to read papers twice as fast without skipping the details?

Being more organized is one way to really boost your productivity and another common resolution for scientists.In fact writing papers and grants are fundamental to getting your research out there and understood (as well as ensuring you have money for the next experiment).Despite this necessity many do not take the time to hone this vital skill.However, if the problem is a bit closer to home check out How to: Keep your data organized and 10 Tips For Organizing Your Lab Book for great advice for making sure your own organizational skills don’t let you down this year.It’s a fact of scientific life, no matter whether you love it or loathe it a career in science means you are going to have to write.One of the difficulties with organization in a lab is often the space is shared by multiple people, meaning there has to be some co-operation when it comes to getting organized.In How To Stay Organized in the Lab, Troy provides useful hints on how to calm the chaos that can easily occur in shared space.For some people reading faster means skipping large chunks and even jumping straight to the conclusions.But as Suzanne discusses in her article RTFP (Read the F*****g Paper), this is a dangerous habit.This year set aside some time to improve your writing; Jode’s excellent series on Writing Your First (or next) Paper is a great place to start for those wanting to improve their paper-writing skills while 10 Tips on Writing a Research Poster provide great advice for producing an awesome poster.I was plagued with nightmares during my Ph D, not of disastrous failures but with dreams of getting the perfect results, only to wake up and find it wasn’t real.


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