Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening Theme Cruel Angel Thesis

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#10: It’s the First Thing You Think of When You Think of Anime Songs The culture impact of Eva’s opening theme can’t be understated.

Chances are if you ask anyone to name an anime song, it will be the first thing to come to mind.

music, Netflix viewers outside Japan will be out of luck if they want to hear Claire Littley’s version of “Fly Me To The Moon,” which was the original ending theme song of the TV anime series.

The iconic theme is instead replaced by a piano track from the TV anime’s soundtrack.

“Cruel Angel’s Thesis” will get a Japanese festival-themed arrangement with taiko drums titled “Cruel Angel’s Thesis: MATSURI SPIRIT,” which will go on sale in Japan on July 24, just in time for the Japanese summer festival season.

A sample was posted on King Amusement Creative’s You Tube channel on Thursday, so you can check out the fascinating blend of musical styles for yourself.

At least I assume it would be if I had ever been to one. Since is such a great anime, the theme song automatically must be as well.

#5: I’m Super Pissed at My Stepdad Right Now Seriously, why do I even have to listen to him? Bad anime series don’t get great songs from talented artists, this is just a fact.

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