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Tull also devised a horse-drawn hoe to help with soil aeration.

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[tags: Neolithic, Paleolithic, Stone Age, Mesolithic] - Neolithic Revolution The shift from the Neolithic Age to the Agriculture Revolution came with many changes as humans had to adjust to new jobs and tools.

Market economies evolved and created a new order of living for most of humanity.

The positive advancements included a new surplus of food, a higher standard of living, and a more diverse job market.

These developments also resulted in negative impacts, which include an abundance of unskilled laborers, increased competition for income and power and a departure of nomadic traditions....

In this essay, a clear and fairly accurate description, as well as the general information, of each 'stage' has been written.

The first main 'stage' in the Agricultural The second 'stage' was machinery.

Most commonly their diets consisted of tubers and other root vegetables, nuts, fruits, vegetables, berries, insects and a small amount of meat.

Because the hunter-gatherer diet was so varied it was also dense in vitamins and minerals, therefore, making it less likely for them to have the nutritional deficiencies and other diseases, related to food consumption or the lack thereof.

- With the launch of the Neolithic Revolution, agriculture was founded.

Instead of using other forms of resources, such as hunting and gathering, people were now able to farm.


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