Microelements Film Essay

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One huge factor of Kubrick’s vision for the film is the use of symmetry in nearly every single shot.

The whole film opens to an extreme long shot of a small island rock, standing desolate in a large expanse of water.

Now sure, you might say this was because they were leaving for the winter, but to me it demonstrates an unnerving avoidance to the Overlook – foreshadowing the unfortunate paranormal atmosphere which sticks with the hotel.

I love how Kubrick decided to include Wendy’s fear of the Donner Party in the film, as she wearily listens to Jack explaining what they did to his son Danny.

to compliment the attached transcript and audio files downloaded from Edexcel, i have put together a range of resources that include, features of spoken lang.

Microelements Film Essay Example Of Methodology In Research Paper

mix and match, video clips, sample paragraphs and revision ppnts. Here is the deletion, reported by the critic Tim Dirks: “A two-minute explanatory epilogue was cut shortly after the film’s premiere.It was a hospital scene with Wendy talking to the hotel manager; she is told that searchers were unable to locate her husband’s body.Did Jack’s violent pursuit of his wife and child exist entirely in Wendy’s imagination, or Danny’s, or theirs?” I think that to be able to fully understand the film as a whole, my own analysis could come in handy with realising the full impact that the Kubrick classic has had upon the film world.This is clear that the movie made a profit throughout the 80’s, although what has made The Shining successful still in the 2000’s?In a segment from Ebert’s Great Movies series at rogerebert.com, he stated an interesting take on why he feels The Shining is as successful as it became over the years.I think perhaps the most eerie (without intention) part of the whole film is the twisting, turning tracking shot of the humble yellow VW, slowly making its way to its own demise.One element which really stood out to me was how, in the helicopter tracking shots of the VW, other cars were heading in the opposite direction.The low, underscores of violin; with the high, short stabs of violin really set the unnatural tone of the film, and prepares the audience to be ready for what’s about to occur.The movements of the helicopter as the camera follows the car are slightly nauseating, and give the audience the sense that already something isn’t quite right.


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