Metathesis Nobel Prize

Schrock pioneered the preparation of a series of W, Mo and Re catalysts for olefin metathesis reactions.

And the Mo complex with arylimido ligand stands out with impressive activity and high turnover frequency generation of catalyst employed the nitrogen heterocyclic carbene which facilitated the dissociation of trans-ligands.

This reaction is one of the most-used methods to make double bonds in current syntheses.

Ring-Closing Metathesis: A Facile Construct for Alkaloid Synthesis.

involves two olefin substrates which form a four-membered ring intermediate (first proposed by Chauvin) and then rearrange the substituents to form two new carbon-carbon double bonds. Grubbs Ru catalyst) greatly broaden the methodology to form carbon-carbon double bonds with high functional group tolerance.

Metathesis Nobel Prize Dissertation Defense Advice

Schlock designed and synthesized another group of Mo, W and Re catalysts which exhibit higher efficiency for this reaction3.

M.; Liao, Y.; Ali, A.; Rein, T.; Wong, Y.-L.; Chen, H.-J.; Courtney, A.

Following the recent acquisition of the world-leading Materia catalyst business by Umicore, we’ve been granted an exclusive interview with Robert Grubbs, chemistry Nobel laureate and co-founder of Materia.

Ru(II)-Catalyzed Ring Closing Metathesis in Stereoselective Spiroannulations and Cascade Reactions of Cyclic Dipeptide Substrates," Undheim, K.; Efskind, J. Ring-Closing Metathesis of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds: Applications to Heterocycles, Alkaloids, and Peptidomimetics, Phillips, A.

Grubbs (who developed the Ruthenium-centered catalysts that are usually employed in the laboratory now, and usually called Grubbs I and II).


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