Medical Marijuana Persuasive Essay

Medical Marijuana Persuasive Essay-15
This article states that the marijuana plant is not considered medicine and isn’t legal.

This article states that the marijuana plant is not considered medicine and isn’t legal.

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Should marijuana be legal for both recreational use and medicinal use? Here are 12 sources to help you get started with the research process.

The broad topic of medical marijuana lends itself to all types of papers.

Therefore, for the reasons listed above, I am against the legalization of marijuana.

I’m on the side of organizations such as DEA, CASA and California Association of Clerks, which support the current policy and warn Americans that the decriminalization of marijuana will increase the level of consumption and that marijuana is a drug that causes harm to…

Bertrand and his wife eventually pleaded guilty to growing (not selling) marijuana, paid a fine, and were put on probation.

Both Bertrand and his wife struggled to find work, and he’s no longer able to grow or use cannabis. Medical marijuana: A personal story, a personal tragedy. Retrieved from by the respected news magazine Time, this article tells the story of several families who use medical marijuana to treat their children’s illnesses (generally epileptic seizures).

In this post, I’ve included 12 marijuana legalization articles that provide some basic facts about the subject, discuss personal stories, examine medical marijuana for kids, and argue against legalization.

I’ve included a brief summary of each article and both an MLA 8 and APA citation to help you with documentation if you decide to use any of these sources in your medical marijuana essay.

Try writing about stories about marijuana use and how it has affected people (either positively or negatively).

In this type of paper, be sure to use examples from your research—unless, of course, you’re writing a narrative essay.


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