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You can view these and order copies by following this link.If anyone tells you that Mary Kay is taught at Harvard Business School they are either 1.Simply repeating what they’ve been told by an uninformed director; 2.

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Case studies are not opinions of the company or situation.

And Case Studies ARE NOT endorsements of the business or the business model, nor do they “teach” that business.

According to the American Council on Science and Health, potential trace amounts of lead occurring naturally in cosmetics are not harmful to the consumers who use those products. Any naturally occurring trace amounts of lead in Mary Kay® products are well within the limits established by the FDA and EPA.

Further, Mary Kay performs thorough, ongoing reviews of its products and ingredients and works closely with its suppliers to ensure the safety of all product ingredients.

(I’m not really sure what anyone who says that Mary Kay is “taught” means by that anyway.) The case method is a process of teaching students by using detailed accounts of real-world business situations and has been used with great effectiveness by Harvard Business School since it was developed by its faculty in the 1920s.

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You can read about the case method on the HBS website.

With regard to the so-called "test" mentioned above, the dark substance that appears during the test is really oxidized metal from the ring itself – just as your silver turns black when exposed to the air for a long time.

A dark substance is released when you polish your silver, which is the same thing that happens in this so-called test.

Are too dumb to make the distinction between studying a subject and endorsing it.

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