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Conversely, her husband Nnaemeka is depicted as being on the other extreme because he is excessively worried about his father’s refusal to accept Nene as his wife.

At this point it is evident for the first time in the story that Okeke is fearful of his death lest he dies without meeting them.

In the survival of his grandchildren Okeke sees his life and death (Mezu, 2006).

In straying away from the main theme of the story, relative to family love and bond, the characters in the story are all depicted as being diverse from each other but eventually they are linked with each other in some specific ways.

Ne Ne is an extreme romantic and is in strong love with Nnaemeka.

After eight years, Okeke receives an unexpected letter from Ne Ne that surprised him as well as put him in a dilemma because he had to make a very difficult choice after reading the letter.

Ne Ne wrote to her father in law that his grandsons wanted to meet him.Eventually, the story is suggestive that Okeke undergoes a complete change.It is evident that is narrated by somebody who knows what will happen at the end in terms of the fact that eventually family bond proves to be stronger than tradition and other factors.The time period of the story cannot be ascertained but it can be inferred that the period relates to the early 20 century.According to Mezu (2006), the general mood is clearly discernable as being worrisome because all characters appear to be troubled most of the time.Nnaemeka is also not sure about his father’s response, which is evident when he says in the story, “Nnaemeka was silent for a while, and then began very slowly as if he groped for his words: I wish I were sure it would be happiness to him” (Chinua, 1952, p.1).Surely, the two lovers are caught in a conflict amongst the old and new.The ultimate setting of the story is portrayed by the rainstorm, which is the beginning of the season.This aspect proves to be the main resolution of the story because the rain triggers emotions and tears as well as sadness in terms of Okeke’s grandchildren and the earth’s fertility.As the rain falls on his head, Okeke thinks sadly of his grandchildren standing outside in the rain.At the same time it can be perceived that he thinks of himself as fertility brought forth by the rain, which is essential for his grandchildren’s survival.


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