Markers That Write On Black Paper

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However, you can use it to mark guidelines or make a design draft on dark paper. First, let’s go over the technique that I was using for the Quarto booklet.It requires basic tools and no knowledge of dip pen calligraphy.

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If you’re confused on how to make the strong typography on this piece, hang tight for a couple of weeks!

I’m working on a Learn for a Latté worksheet set covering typography.

The other quirk is this ink has a tendency to get a little too thick at times.

That’s really no problem, just add water, twist the lid on, and shake it up!

It is important that you do this before you add the white ink; if you wait and do it afterward, the design won’t look as clean because color from the colored pencils will inevitably color over/tint some of your white ink.

Once you’ve added color to your paper, prepare your gel pen for use by getting its ink flowing on a piece of scrap paper.

So: when you send someone artwork on black paper, it immediately says: “I took the time to make this especially for you by hand.” Mainly, though, artwork on black paper just looks cool, which is why I’m writing this blog post.

I am going to show you a few tools and techniques for writing and drawing on black paper; for all of them, I’d recommend getting one of these little guys: The tool pictured in the image above has been my savior the past couple of weeks.

Moving on, the two projects I just wrote about use techniques/tools that don’t require knowledge of a calligraphy/dip pen.

The next materials I am covering do require such knowledge — but, really, if you don’t know how to use a calligraphy pen, it’s quite simple, and I do heartily encourage you to learn!


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