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This skills-based and process group is designed to increase personal understanding surrounding resilience, resources and skills.

Students will discover themes and connections in their life for the purpose of understanding their identity and becoming more resilient.

In one case that Deer notes in particular, the author points out the United States prosecuted the defendants; the question posed by the author is whether the tribal nation, rather than the U.

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Native American women as a people have been marginalized historically to the point where they have become a non-people.

Miranda (2002) makes the point that Native women have held multiple identities throughout history, including poor, disabled, and even “squaw sluts,” none of which are flattering.The only true way to reverse this trend of criminalizing the Native woman victim, is to recognize that sexual violence is indeed a crime against the physical body, but also spirit of Native women, one that requires tribal justice, and reformation.Many Native writers report their own healing came not from justice in foreign courts, but from Native ceremonies, and song, that often resulted in a deep spiritual healing by connecting women to their land, their heart, and their passions (Deer, 2009; Miranda, 2002; Lapointe, 2008).During your initial consultation, you will provide information about your presenting concerns, relevant history and have identified possible goals for counseling.At the end of the appointment, your therapist will provide related recommendations and options that that best meet your needs.DBT may also be helpful for people who at times feel separate from or have difficulty identifying emotions. Engaging in a diverse set of expressive arts experiences, students will learn to manage stress and other concerns. This group introduces students to the concept of mindfulness as a means for tolerating stress and managing difficult or painful emotional experiences.During weekly sessions, students learn a variety of daily mindfulness meditation and self compassion practices.This five-week group includes engagement in experiential activities. Through extensive research, DBT has been found to be effective in managing intense, overwhelming emotions.This group works to strengthen one’s ability to handle distress or large emotions without acting destructively. This three-week workshop will introduce students to using the arts in their self-development and healing.You will have the opportunity to discuss the recommendations and make a plan for how to move forward.For issues that might be better served by long-term therapy, a referral to a community provider will be explored.


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