Life Is So Good Essay

Is life actually short, or are we really complaining about its finiteness?Since there didn't seem any way to answer this question, I stopped wondering about it. That gave me a way to answer the question, and the answer is that life actually is short.

There has always been a stream of people who opt out of the default grind and go live somewhere where opportunities are fewer in the conventional sense, but life feels more authentic. Most large organizations (and many small ones) are steeped in it.

But if you consciously prioritize bullshit avoidance over other factors like money and prestige, you can probably find employers that will waste less of your time.

It can be achieved only by understanding what health is, on what it depends and then applying this knowledge in every-day life.

The care of the body regarding food, cleanliness, exercise, rest and protection against disease, are essential for the preservation of sound health. Without health, life is deprived of not only much of its usefulness but also its joys and pleasures.

If you had a handful of 8 peanuts, or a shelf of 8 books to choose from, the quantity would definitely seem limited, no matter what your lifespan was. When I ask myself what I've found life is too short for, the word that pops into my head is "bullshit." I realize that answer is somewhat tautological.

It's almost the definition of bullshit that it's the stuff that life is too short for. If you ask yourself what you spend your time on that's bullshit, you probably already know the answer.

Indeed, the law of supply and demand insures that: the more rewarding some kind of work is, the cheaper people will do it.

It may be that less bullshit is forced on you than you think, though. The amount of time you have to spend on bullshit varies between employers.

The stream of life will be rich and lasting in proportion to the sources which nourish it. They are food, exercise, and proper posture, care of bodily functions, avoidance of alcohol and tobacco and wholesome mental and emotional attitudes.

Would we be just as likely to feel life was short if we lived 10 times as long?


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