Lesson Plan About Writing A Thesis

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Age Range: Grade 9 through Grade 12 (High School Level) Duration: 45 minutes Objectives: The learner will: Review the steps of a research paper by answering questions on the research steps and an example.

Complete an outline on their research topic and continue working on the second and third paragraph of their research paper.

Upon completion they will use all of this information to construct a biographical report on the historical figure. The student will learn more about the historical figure of their choice as well as how to do research. Students will learn how to incorporate the writing process in their writing 3. Have students choose a topic to write a research report on. Have them create an outlined strategy of how the research report would be written. Have students peer review three other works from students. The students will begin by choosing their historical figure and getting approval from the teacher 2.

The student will know what a simulate journal consists of. What should the first paragraph of every work be about? Each student will gather their research in the form of simulated Journals 3.

This ultimately looks a little bit like a debate, as students from either side tend to defend their position to those on the other side.

Every class of students I have ever had, from middle school to college, has loved loved LOVED this activity.

Although I know many of the people who visit here are not strictly English language arts teachers, my hope is that these posts will provide tons of value to those who are, and to those who teach subjects, including writing.

So let’s begin with argumentative writing, or persuasive writing, as many of us used to call it.

This overview will be most helpful to those who are new to teaching writing, or teachers who have not gotten good results with the approach you have taken up to now.

I don’t claim to have the definitive answer on how to do this, but the method I share here worked pretty well for me, and it might do the same for you.


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