Leibniz Theodicy Essays Goodness God

But they had too much sympathy with the spirit of Europe to react into free thinking or to make a frontal attack on revealed truth.

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Posterity has reckoned Locke and Leibniz the heads of rival sects, but politically they were on the same side.

As against Louis's political absolutism and enforced religious uniformity, both championed religious toleration and the freedom of the mind.

Confidence in metaphysical construction has ebbed and flowed through philosophical history; periods of speculation have been followed by periods of criticism.

The tide will flow again, but it has not turned yet, and [8] such metaphysicians as survive scarcely venture further than to argue a case for the possibility of their art.

Leibniz is remembered for his philosophy; he was not a professional philosopher.

He was offered academic chairs, but he declined them.

The Christian was to hold a position covered by three lines of defences.

The base line was to be the substance of Christian theism and of Christian morals, and it was to be held by the forces of sheer reason, without aid from scriptural revelation.

Their theological liberalism was political prudence; it was not necessarily for that reason the less personally sincere.

They had too much wisdom to meet bigotry with bigotry, or set Protestant intolerance against Catholic absolutism.


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