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Conrad Aiken, an American poet, writer, and playwright connotes that “Mr.Eliot himself is forever abandoning us on the very doorstep of the illuminating,” and that Eliot’s poetry is instead a sort of “direction” to achieve a “kind of filigree without pattern.” capture a desolate world without God, as there are no higher being in the ‘sky’ watching the mortals below.

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As a result, I am able to grasp the resonating impact of Eliot’s powerful allusion, which captures the temporary respite of man’s penultimate death.

The vision of the “white horse [galloping] away,” fills me with a sense of immediacy and relief, knowing that the birth of Christ has averted the Apocalypse.

The ‘single resonant voice’ of Eliot is clear through deliberate capitalisation and lower case of ‘Birth,’ ‘Death,’ ‘birth,’ ‘death.’ This signifies the moment of how ‘truth’ is attained, becoming the end point of our personal history as well as the catalyst for a new beginning. In this way, I have come to acknowledge that Eliot remains the quintessential poet of the English language precisely because his poetry endures through his impersonal way– that of a fearful, disillusioned modernist seeking truth in a alienated, and desolated world.

Philips James Elliot was a famous evangelical Christian Missionary, who sacrificed his life for the church along with four other missionaries in Ecuador.

I was bewildered, yet puzzled, as if I was trying to look for a kind of “meaning” which was not there.

Yet, with each re-reading, I felt elucidated in what was a secret meaning that existed across each poetic stanza.As such, I would like to explore the ‘single resonating’ voice that Eliot’s poetry contains through the examination of three keynotes: Man’s fear of mortality; the disillusion and alienation of the Modernist world; and the continued search of truth and existentialism.Eliot suggested to himself that in reading poetry, one “Should not bother understanding…He spent more than six months learning Spanish and later learned Quichua, a scriptless local language of the Native Indians.After spending three years preaching and working among the Quichua people, he decided to reach out to the Huaorani Indians, who were more savage and violent than Quichua.The pursuit of ‘peach’ then, acts as a pursuit of sex – an act of creating life, in direct antithesis of death.In this way, one’s fear of mortality is highlighted when we are induced by Eliot to feel a sense of urgency for life’s ephemeral nature.or at least at first,” and indeed, my own reading of his works initially drew upon personal impressions of his imageries and allusions.The critic Potter Woodbery, echoes that it is precisely because of Eliot’s fragmented, “modern metaphors and similes,” that allows responders to gain a “fuller and closer examination.” in which ‘old and white’ refers to the anthropomorphic Christian God, and the ‘white horse’ refers to the book of Revelation as the apocalyptic skeletal horse of death.In particular, I was able to resonate with Eliot’s personas across various poems including Eliot, one of the most preeminent literary figure of the Modernist era, attempted to capture the zeitgeist of the early 20th century though the fragmentation of textual form, experimentation and subversion of traditional mediums.His poems, set in the Modernist period, was characterised by the shell-shocked horror of the Great War, unexpected breaks with traditional ways and the disillusion of faith and religion in the context of a new world full of industrial mechanisation.


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