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“The Call of the Wild” is the story of the transformation of Buck, an intelligent dog, friendly to people and got used to town and campfires into the forest inhabitant called by its wild instincts.

The first changes in Buck’s character started with a change of lifestyle.

While the suffers are mostly physical, the violence is multiple.

We can see different participants in the violent actions: the man hit the dog, dogs attack the man, dogs are fighting among themselves.

(“Sparknotes: The Call Of The Wild: Themes, Motifs & Symbols”) The dogs described in the book literally had to fight for their lives.

Adaptation, wisdom, and knowledge are the necessary elements for survival.The law of the struggle for existence, undoubtedly, plays a significant role in it, as in the whole life of the animal world.However, there are other themes which are depicted in the story, you can find them out if you read through our Call of the Wild essay.(“The Call Of The Wild Study Guide”) However, Buck did not only managed all these difficulties but also earned his respect and reputation, among both dogs and human.Violence and sufferings are escorting almost all the events of this book.Overall, there are a lot of depictions of the hunt and kill predator relations in the plot.(“The Call Of The Wild Study Guide”) This factor probably had a decisive role in Buck’s life and made Buck the wild one at the end of the story.The dog resists joining the violent side of this life, supporting the doctrine of love.Only after the death of his master Buck lost control.The comparison of a dog turning to the wild wolf’s life following the call of nature after facing the tough fight for survival can be compared to the human’s nature.Jack London is famous for his heart-melting stories in a genre of animal fiction, and the reasons for that are evident.Relations between people and animal is a big topic to cover with the central contrast based on how mean can be a human towards nature and how low can the human’s essence be degraded in comparison to the animal’s humanization. Jack London wrote this book from the dog’s perspective and its point of view.


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