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The reader should understand what you have done and how: collecting data, analysis, evaluation, etc.

Don’t forget to state the major problem (or issue) and list the limitations of the study.

In the literature review summarize your findings of the existing information on the topic.

The student needs to pick one of capstone project ideas related to the course or specialization and write a paper.

Typically, a capstone project will be connected with the future specialization and require strong skills in teamwork, public speaking, and critical and analytical thinking. This will depend on the tutor’s requirements and usually is approximately forty pages long or more. Along with the writing process, students are frequently required to make a presentation (also known as a defense) of their project.

Add descriptions and an interpretation of the data. Firstly, look through all sections and make sure that they are complete and logically right.

In the conclusion, sum up your findings and make recommendations for further researches and applications. Cut sentences without meaning, and add important sentences so the text will be complete.In the results section, describe the data you received during the research.If you have statistics or other data, visualize it in tables and charts.This kind of paper may be presented in various forms: case studies, research papers, surveys, outcome-based evaluation, focus groups, and more.The type and complexity will depend on the tutor’s requirements and course.How to Write a Capstone Project: Definition A capstone project is an academic paper that serves as a summary of a student’s experience.This type of paper is written in the last year of middle or high school or as a part of a college or university course.Initially you will need to reveal the essence of your topic, discuss the project research, and tell about your findings.Along with your presentation, the committee usually asks questions connected with your research and findings.It can be assigned for nursing, engineering, IT, business, and other courses.A capstone project is another way to sum up skills and competencies the student has gained during the course.


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