Is It Okay To Put A Question In An Essay

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The details are described below: Methods (only for systematic reviews): These studies have a comprehensive methodology that starts by narrowing down the literature for the review.

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The study therefore provides strengthened results that are validated by the scientific rigor of the analytical method.

Before starting to write a review, it is important to determine what kind of review you want to write and follow the appropriate style and guidelines.

In this sense, it essentially forms the first experiment of any research project.

The more extensive the review, the more precise and systematic the research project will be.

A literature review should begin with a thorough literature search using the main keywords in relevant online databases such as Google Scholar, Pub Med, etc.

Once all the relevant literature has been gathered, it should be organized as follows: A literature review should not be a mere recounting of all the available information.

Systematic reviews can be accompanied with Meta-analysis which involves statistical analysis of the included studies to increase the power of the results.

Discussion: This section usually interprets the study data based on their weighted significance and the power of the results.

This can get very confusing considering the large amount of publications that need to be organized.

There is no set way to do this as it will depend on your preference for reading printed articles or online resources.


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