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Access and Inclusion for Students with Disabilities PSU values diversity and inclusion; we are committed to fostering mutual respect and full participation for all students.My goal is to create a learning environment that is equitable, useable, inclusive, and welcoming.If any aspects of instruction or course design result in barriers to your inclusion or learning, please notify me.

Access and Inclusion for Students with Disabilities PSU values diversity and inclusion; we are committed to fostering mutual respect and full participation for all students.

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I do not require my students to purchase any book, first there is so far no STANDARD text book on nano-materials science and engineering, sure there are many books on classical materials science and engineering as the epitome of interdisciplinary, so if you want to know about the MSE approach, I recommend you go for one of the books below., Introduction to the Physics and Chemistry of Materials, CRC Press, so not very expensive but better than many other undergraduate text since some basic quantum mechanics is used to explain key properties of atoms, chemical bonds, and solids of nanotech and being consistently at a higher level that undergraduate nanoscience textbooks above (so more suited for a beginning graduate student in physics), a pretty good textbook is E. Wolf, Nanophysics and Nanotechnology, Introduction to Nanotechnology by C P. Nearly all of it is quantum mechanics, so it might be a bit heavy for beginners without sufficient background. biased by the research topics and interests of the author. Moore, CRC Press, Boca Raton 2009, it is actually two books in one as there is also Introduction to Nanoscience and Introduction to Nanotechnology available separately from the same publisher by the same authors.

Horst revised and enlarged edition, 2008, is at a slightly lower level, but is in that authors own words admittedly . Both texts developed from courses for graduate students in other countries. What I personally do not like about this textbook is its somewhat excessively long prose; physicists often like to make their arguments with formulae (i.e.

Because our course is both for advanced undergraduates and graduates, I will only use bits and pieces from the texts above along with the material that is downloadable below.

Almost nobody can be perfectly knowledgeable in interdisciplinary fields as wide as nanoscience and nanotechnology, so what we have to practice is getting in the habit of developing capabilities for live-long learning.

It is also like passive smoking; even the students who want to concentrate on the lecture get distracted by it.

So find some way of dealing with that please amongst yourself.So it is time to come up with some new paradigm for the nano aspects of MSE. an understanding of these principles forms the foundation of a modern education in the field of materials science and engineering …To highlight a certain aspect of MSE, it is customary to depict the MSE tetrahedron with one of the four equal vertices up (making them in effect not-quite equal), e.g. defines materials science as being primarily about the relation between the structure of matter and its properties and materials engineering as being primarily about the modification of properties and performance during and after processing, and with manufacture.It is such a scientific age, in fact that we have difficulty in understanding how witch doctors could ever have existed, when nothing that they proposed ever really worked--or very little of it did." - CARGO CULT SCIENCE by Richard Feynman (1918 - 1988).(Link 1) | (Link 2) that has been running from more than ten years.some special kind of unambiguous poetry) and derive where something interesting is coming from by combining a bunch of other formulae.Also whenever there are several authors and the editor did a less then perfect job (or when there were several editors that were not all experts in the field), there is often overlap between chapters.As far as the crystalline state is concerned, this language is crystallography and its words are the crystallographic core concepts.As for the usage of “information technology in class” and multi-tasking, research shows that it does more harm than good.There are some mistakes and misconceptions, and way too much uncritical emphasis around the nonsense that Drexler and Kurzweil came up with for my linking.So it is NOT recommended by me at the 400/500 level.


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