I Hate Doing Homework

I Hate Doing Homework-2
If you’re dealing with this now, you probably dread saying the words, “Okay, time to do your homework,” because you know what’s coming next — screaming, stomping, book-throwing and slammed doors.

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My temper rises and before you know it, he’s in tears and has stormed off, and I’m left seething that my weekend has been taken up doing a monster essay.

Remember that it’s your child’s job to go to school and learn (including getting homework completed) and your job to provide for your kids, run the house and offer love and guidance to your children.

I know from experience how easy it is to get caught up in power struggles over homework.

Most kids will never really “enjoy” homework, and for some it will always be a struggle.

Our children all have different strengths and abilities, and while some may never be excellent students, they might be great workers, talented artists, or thoughtful builders.


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