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If you plan to rely on (or contend with) some major secondary works, such as several major books about Wordsworth, mention that and explain how they fit into your research paper.Normally, a research paper proposal does not mention your academic background or special skills unless they directly affect your planned research.That is why revisions are standard operating procedures for much larger papers such as dissertation proposals.

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This is a perfect time to think about the research paper as a whole and how you will approach it.

Your revised proposal should reflect your reappraisal, putting you in a much stronger position to launch your research.

Once you have identified an important question and stated it clearly, you need to say how you will examine it. You may wish to illustrate your approach with a little preliminary analysis, probably only a paragraph or two.

In the social sciences, you should also mention what data you will use.

In the humanities and less quantitative social sciences, you should say which primary texts you will study, such as Wordsworth’s early poems or Abigail Adams’s letters.

Will you be studying particular drawings by Leonardo or particular movies by Tarantino?

If these documents have never been translated, be sure to mention it.

It shows the excitement and originality of your paper.

For instance, you would not mention that you have taken advanced statistics courses, but you might mention the techniques you plan to use for data analysis.

For a research paper on World War II in the Pacific, you might say that you will rely on important documents in the original Japanese.


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