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it is important to create one that is fair and consistent for the students, and, at the same time, realistic for the busy teacher.Student lateness and absence can make it difficult to enforce a homework policy, especially in a class period of 35 to 40 minutes.Going over homework assignments is just as important as having a system for grading it.

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In addition, accurately estimating a task's level of difficulty and coordinating the assignment of difficult homework among various courses may help teachers avoid overburdening students.

Extension Assignments These assignments encourage individualized and creative learning by emphasizing student initiative and research.

Next, I go over the answers with the class in one of the following ways depending on the assignment.

(Each student is responsible for checking and correcting his/her own homework paper.) Aloud in a round-robin fashion Aloud through teacher dictation By distribution of a small answer sheet to each student At the chalkboard, with students' oral participation At the chalkboard, with students writing out the solutions In cooperative learning groups On the overhead projector, with students' participation By collecting and grading students' assignments The important thing here is to go over the assignment .

Points are deducted as follows: -5 for each missed assignment -3 for each late assignment -2 each time the student is unprepared I use a clipboard with a copy of the class list to track students' scores.

Absent students are given back a full 5 points once assignments have been made up.

By the second marking period, I am able to check the assignment for completion AND go over the answers in 5 to 7 minutes.

(Of course, there are exceptions to this.) To demonstrate the importance of homework, from time to time I place a homework problem on a quiz or a test. Some states forbid the assignment of homework on certain religious holidays.

To enact this, St Catherine’s School aims to improve literacy and numeracy standards and provide purposeful and meaningful opportunities for real - life learning in an inclusive and supportive environment.​​At St Catherine’s School (“the School”), homework may be set by a student’s individual teacher, specialist teacher, or collaboratively by the teachers for a given year level.

Homework may ​​be given to: The School believes that reading and literacy should be a regular part of homework, as independent daily reading has been shown to​​​ greatly improve students’ learning outcomes.


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