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You can jump into our recommendations and best practices here: Why is homework important?The Verdict: The 10-Minute Rule of Thumb Best Practice 1: Know thy child Best Practice 2: Use the 10-Minute Rule of Thumb Best Practice 3: Select courses wisely Best Practice 4: Create a distraction-free environment Best Practice 5: Nag no more Best Practice 6: Check for completion, not quality Best Practice 7: “Must Do, Should Do, Could Do” Best Practice 8: Help the “right” way Or start from the top by reading on.

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For example, in 2007, the average incoming freshman at the University of Virginia sported a grade point average of just over 3.7. In the DC area alone, the number of students taking AP (advanced placement) classes increased by 45% between 20.

And along with AP and honors classes come lots of extra homework.

Develops positive study skills Deadlines can have a positive effect on the future development of students.

Not only do they encourage students to use their time wisely, they promote self-discipline and good habits that will be great for later life.

Encourages parental engagement The home school connection is improved too.

Homework encourages parents to get involved with their child's learning and what they're doing at school.

Nurtures the opportunity to take responsibility Along with positive study skills comes the fact that homework helps with building independence.

It means students have the opportunity to take responsibility for their own work.

Here, we're going to take a look at more reasons why homework is so important and how Education City can help you set it quickly and easily.

Improves students' knowledge Homework is great practice and it's well-known that practice makes perfect.


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